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Electronic control panels for pumps and motors

Fire fighting units

Water booster sets

Soundproof & open generator sets

Battery back-up system

Energy transformation and water management a ideal thanks to Fourgroup.

In the sector of production of production of technological products, that is, water pumping groups, electrical panels, fire fighting groups, rescuers and generators, the leading company is Forugroup. These are products technologically advanced and efficient. Products we are talking about they are all technologically advanced and efficient. satisfy also the more specific needs, Fourgroup, offers a large gamma of products in continuous development and that is getting richer and richer.

Fourgroup and its professional staff.

The success of Fourgroup is assured because it has a technical office trained by professionals who analyze the evolution of the market, develop equipment in step with the times, keep in mind the value for money.This group of professionals is divided into different divisions, the first the "Booster Set" specialized in the production of civil and industrial pressurization systems and fire fighting groups. Then the "Control Panels" division, which is specialized in the creation of electric control panels and pumps/motors management with electronic, electromechanical or frequency inverter logic. In the end there is the "Generators" division specialized in the production of energy through a wide range of generators and anti-blackout systems with accumulators.

Fourgroup water management and energy transformation machines: a certainty.

The passionate work of professionals present in the various divisions united to the use of materials and cutting-edge technology make the Forgroup machinery one of the best on the market. The best machines on the market are those of Fourgroup, but why? Easy, the answer resides in The passionate work of professionals present in the different divisions that joined the use of cutting-edge materials and technology create excellence. With the machinery of this great company you can feel comfortable because all the machines are tested individually through strict specific protocols concerning the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical functions. This in order to guarantee customers reliability and efficiency.


FOURGROUP is a company aimed at the design, production and global distribution of technology products related to the management of water, control and transformation of energy, major assets on which today are even more focused interest worldwide.

A natural projection innovative business solutions in the van involves the continuous development of the range, which is enriched with new products to satisfy the customers most prepared and selective.